UVID Dronetech 2024: SMASH Counter-UAS Capabilities: Eliminating Combat Stress for Higher Precision

Doron Levi, Regional Director B2B & Marketing at Smartshooter, spoke at the conference and presented the company’s innovative solution

Phoo: Gilad Kavalerchik

Doron Levi, Regional Director B2B & Marketing at Smartshooter, spoke at the UVID Dronetetch 2024 conference held in Tel Aviv this morning and presented the company’s solutions including the Smash - a precision fire control system, which increases the effectiveness of the dismounted combatant’s fire capability and redefines their boundaries.

Smash is an effective disruptive technology, carried by the combatants, which helps reduce human errors committed due to combat stress by assisting in the decision-making process. The system carries out the ballistic calculations, taking into account all necessary data. Thus, it reduces the combatants’ stress, which inevitably leads to mistakes and enables higher precision.

By increasing the combatant’s fire precision, the system is not only more lethal against a wide array of targets, including UAVs, but it also helps prevent collateral damage and keep uninvolved populations out of the line of fire.

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