The Libyan 50 dinar banknote. Photo: Bigstock

Economy in Libya

Commentary: All the military groups operating in Libya, in the East and in the West, are linked to the war economy and inextricably tied to the parallel para- or totally illegal economy. The economic crisis, connected with the non-existence of a strong and credible central state, perpetuates the positive incentives for all those who take advantage of the state dysfunctions

Photo: Bigstock

The Turkey-Cyprus-Israel area and Greece

Commentary:  On the geopolitical level, Turkish President Erdogan reaffirms the pieces of the traditional Turkish global strategy: firstly, careful control of Mediterranean ports to avoid the sensitive areas of Ankara's territory being the target of easy enemy operations; secondly - and this is the core of the issue - Cyprus.

Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj (C) meets with the defence ministers of Turkey (R) and Qatar in Tripoli. Photo: The Media Office of the Prime Minister/Handout via REUTERS

Turkey in Tripolitania

Commentary: Tripoline Libya has gone back to being a wilayet, a peripheral part of the Ottoman Empire, but this time under the orders of Turkey alone.

Demonstrators in Minsk, capital of Belrus, holding a banner that reads: "Fair elections. Tribunal. Freedom for political prisoners". REUTERS/Vasily Fedosenko

Street clashes in Belarus

Commentary:  The rebellion against the Belarusian regime is a mix of demonstrations against Lukashenko's mild response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the people's response against his repression of the anti-regime candidates

Photo: IAF

The war between Iran and Israel in Syria

Commentary: Tactics and outlooks have changed over the course of the war. Both Israel and Iran have to calculate their actions carefully. It is likely that Syria will remain a battlefield for the conflict between the nations for the foreseeable future

Security forces on a street in Tripoli, Libya. Photo: Reuters

The Libyan crisis in the summer of 2020

Commentary:  A terrible game is being played regarding Libya. All of the Libyan parties are reflections of foreign countries. How will the Libyan crisis be resolved? 

Photo: Reuters

The Relations Between the United States and Poland

Commentary:  Now that the Warsaw Pact is annihilated and much of it has even entered the West, the centre of gravity of a Western countermove against the Russian Federation - now isolated from the context of the old Warsaw Pact - can only be Poland. The greater the coldness between Poland and the EU - not so much politically but strategically - the greater the link between Poland and the United States.
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