Israel's Emtan Small Arms Starts Producing, Supplying Tritium Products

The Israeli company says it has already supplied thousands of handguns and rifles equipped with sights containing Tritium, which emits light without a power source and is therefore ideal for use in sophisticated systems that need to operate for long periods 

Photo: Emtan

Israel's Emtan Small Arms, a producer of handguns and rifles for militaries and law enforcement agencies, has recently started offering its customers Tritium products that generate a point of light, and can be used for various purposes.

Tritium emits light without a power source and is therefore ideal for use in sophisticated systems that need to operate for years without a power source, in buildings exposed to extreme weather conditions, and in fragile systems that require a point of light not powered by a battery. 

Tritium is widely used in sights for firearms, hands of clocks, and for other military and civilian uses such as direction signs and emergency signs. The use of tritium materials requires a special license and the establishment of a laboratory exclusively for the processing and assembly of tritium products.  

According to Ron Pollak, VP of Marketing and Sales, "Emtan has supplied thousands of pistols and rifles equipped with Tritium sights made by Emtan to its various customers. In addition, Emtan offers the Ramon pistol with an option for tritium sights and a set of generic sights for pistols and rifles, and in the near future additional sights for a wide range of firearms will be offered."

Reuven Zada, CEO and owner of Emtan, adds that, "Integration of the capability to process and assemble Tritium products is part of the company's strategy of developing capabilities to independently manufacture and develop small-caliber firearms and their components. The sights that emit light in the dark are being offered and marketed as an integral part of Emtan rifles and pistols, and also as kits that can be acquired separately and attached to other firearms." 


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