SK Group Provides Philippine Coast Guard with Thousands of Light Weapons, Optical Equipment

As part of the transaction, thousands of "Galil Ace" assault rifles, hundreds of lightweight "Negev" machine guns, over 1,000 "Micro Tabor" submachine guns, dozens of "Galatz" sniper rifles, thousands of "Masada" pistols, thousands of Meprolight sights and scopes, and even 10 Silver Shadow "CornerShot" systems were delivered

Photo: IWI website via MaxDefense 

Israel Defense has learned that during March 2020, the Israeli SK Group supplied thousands of light weapons of various types and a great deal of optical equipment to the Philippine Coast Guard. The MaxDefense website estimates that the value of the deal ranged from 15 to 17 million dollars and was a realization of a deal signed between the Israeli government and the Philippine government during 2019.
The equipment consisted of 4,357 IWI Galil ACE 5.56mm Assault Rifles; 2,500 Meprolight M21 battery-less Reflex Sights; 48 IWI Galil Tzalafim "Galatz" 7.62mm Sniper Rifles; 2 Meprolight NOA NYX Thermal Combat System Sights; 350 IWI Negev NG-7 7.62mm Light Machine Guns; 350 Meprolight X4 Day Scopes; 350 Meprolight Sting Lazer Pointers; 1,124 IWI Micro Tavor X95 9mm Sub Machine Guns; 1,124 Meprolight M21 battery-less Reflex Sights; 7,743 Masada 9mm Pistols; 6,743 Pistol Holsters; 1,000 Pistol leg Rig Holsters; and 10 CornerShot Systems made by the Israeli company "Silver Shadow".
CornerShot is a firearm accessory designed for warfare in urban areas that allows its operator to both see and attack an armed target without being exposed to counterattack. It should be noted that this is the first report in a long time about the sale and supply of the CornerShot to any unit in the world. MaxDefense notes that the systems are for the Philippine Coast Guard Special Operations Group, and in fact the majority of the weapons are for the group.
The SK Group declined to confirm or deny the report.

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