US Army orders new M320 and M320A1 grenade launchers

Colorado-based Capco won the contract to produce and deliver the weapons by April 2025 USarmy

The US Army Contracting Command has awarded a $33.6 million firm-fixed-price contract for 40mm M320 and 40mm M320A1 grenade launchers. reports that Colorado-based Capco (the only bidder via an online process) will produce and deliver the grenade launchers by April 2025, with locations for the work being selected on an order-by-order basis.
Capco is the first US manufacturer of the M320A1, which was originally designed and produced by Heckler & Koch in 2008 with the aim of replacing the M203.
The M320A1 has a maximum range of 400m and weighs 1.5kg. It uses a breech-loading, single-shot feed mechanism.

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