Emtan Launches New 9mm Carbine

Photo: Emtan

Israeli small arms manufacturer Emtan has launched the new MZ-9S PCC, an extremely accurate Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) platform that features short 5” or 7” barrels and long 14.5” or 16” barrels for enhanced accuracy.

In recent years, PCC platforms have gained popularity among competitive shooters looking for reduced ammunition costs and easy handling of low-recoil firearms. The MZ-9S PCC offers a balanced combination between accuracy and handling and was designed specifically for the PCC competition category, along with an extensive range of buttstock combinations, barrel lengths and accessories. Additionally, the MZ-9S PCC has an optional Mil-Spec and two-stage trigger. 

The MZ-9S PCC is supplied with fully ambidextrous controls, quad Picatinny rails as standard and optional M-LOK accessory rails.

Ron Pollak, VP Sales and Marketing at Emtan, explains that the PCC field has seen an increasing demand for accurate modern weapons in many countries, including Israel. To meet this need, Emtan has utilized the successful MZ-9 submachine gun platform (which is sold to special forces around the world), to create a “civilian” sporting platform with high levels of precision.

In the 9mm caliber field, the AR15 platform on which the MZ-9 is based on enables users to make many upgrades from a variety of existing suppliers of PCC accessories. Pollak adds that the MZ-9S PCC is available for purchase in several countries from local dealers.

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