IWI Introduces Multi-Caliber ARAD Assault Rifle

The new lightweight, modular assault rifle is based on the AR15 platform and offered in two variants: 5.56X45mm and .300 AAC Blackout

The new ARAD assault rifle (Photo: IWI)

Israel Weapons Industries (IWI), an SK Group company specializing in the manufacture of small arms for law enforcement, government agencies, and armed forces around the world, has launched the ARAD, a multi-caliber assault rifle based on the AR15 platform.

The new lightweight, modular assault rifle is offered in two variants: 5.56X45mm and .300 AAC Blackout.

According to Ronen Hamudot, VP Marketing and Sales at SK Group, "IWI strives to continuously adapt its products to the needs that arise from the field. Today’s complex theaters created a demand for assault rifles chambered for different types of ammunition for different mission categories. For this reason, for the past two years, we have invested considerable resources in expanding our range of products so that every client can find the weapon that precisely meets their requirements."

The ARAD AR was designed to address the needs of specialist units and infantry forces. It offers several cutting-edge features that enhance operational flexibility. Fully ambidextrous, the rifle employs a short-stroke gas piston firing mechanism with a regulator in two positions, which guarantees smooth operation under all environmental conditions.

A two-step enhanced trigger ensures both comfort and shooting accuracy. Additional features include a hard-anodized monolithic aluminum MIL-STD 1913 accessory rail in the upper receiver. The lightweight ARAD AR, weighing only 2.85 kg, is available with barrel lengths of 292mm (11.5”) and 368mm (14.5”) and will soon be offered with barrel lengths of 419 mm (16.5") and 508 mm (20") as well. IWI plans to offer additional calibers in the future.

"In addition to the ARAD AR," Hamudot added, "We have recently launched the CARMEL ‒ a multi-purpose, modular, 5.56X45mm caliber assault rifle for modern warfare, ideal for maneuvering between different combat zones and for prolonged combat operations. CARMEL rifles have already been supplied to numerous clients worldwide."

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