Israel Aerospace Industries integrates Ivanti neurons for patch management into CyScan | 30/06/2022

As cyber attackers continually search for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to serve as entry points for attacks, proactively identifying and mapping such exposed points are key elements for cyber resilience


Artificial intelligence and moral issues: The cyborg concept | 28/06/2022

The latest article in the series explores the various moral and ethical aspects of electrical connections connected directly to human neurons – the physical merge of human and computer

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Photo: Spokesperson’s division, Israel MoD

IDF begins constructing 45 km security barrier

“We will continue to operate against all threats we face in order to maintain the security of Israel's civilians,” said Israel’s MoD. The barrier will replace the security fence in that area built 20 years ago

Erdoğan and Herzog during the latter’s visit in Ankara, March 2022. Photo: Turkish Presidential Press Office / Handout vie REUTERS

Diplomatic channel between Israel and Turkey continues

The presidents of both countries spoke over the phone against the backdrop of the recent Iranian threat. The foreign ministers will meet later this week