Despite Coronavirus, Israel's Plasan Delivers Mortar-Carrying Armored Vehicles

Despite Coronavirus, Israel's Plasan Delivers Mortar-Carrying Armored Vehicles

A Plasan Sandcat Spear 120mm mortar carrier vehicle ready to be delivered to an undisclosed customer. Photo: Plasan

Israel's Plasan company, located in Kibbutz Sasa, has delivered to an unidentified customer a number of Sandcat light armored vehicles configured for the Spear 120mm mortar. The company is continuing to manufacture its products even during the coronavirus period.
The Army Recognition website reported that the Sandcat is a 4x4 light armored vehicle based on the chassis of a Ford F-series. Plasan has manufactured 700 of the vehicles since 2004, and they are in use in 16 countries on five continents. Parts of the vehicle are made from lightweight composite materials, and there is special protection for the cab.
The Spear 120mm mortar is intended for airborne troops and fast reaction forces. It is a derivative of the CARDOM mortar, of which 1,000 are in use in the IDF, the US Army and other NATO armies. The mortar is equipped with an aiming and navigation system, operated by a small staff of two or three operators, and ready to fire within 60 seconds. 

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