Report: India is interested in Elbit's Foliage Penetration Radar

India is set to equip itself with several such radars to protect its border with Pakistan in the Kashmir region by preventing infiltration from dense forests and vegetation

Report: India is interested in Elbit's Foliage Penetration Radar

FPR-10 foliage penetrating land-based radar. Photo: Elbit Systems

According to a report on India Today, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval has cleared the acquisition of the Israeli technology that will primarily be used to detect terrorists hiding in the jungles of the Kashmir valley.

Elbit Systems' Foliage Penetrating Radar, or FPR-10, is fitted with highly sensitive sensors capable of capturing human and transport movement in thick jungles. The Israeli radars will be installed at various locations in the valley and connected to a central control room that will receive its signals and images of suspect targets, their vehicles, weapons, and explosives.

Operation Chakravyuh is an Indian project aims to plug any possible routes for terrorists to infiltrate into the country, be it land, air or sea. Under Operation Chakravyuh, a network of sensitive sensors, radars, cameras, optical fiber and automatic guns are to be laid along the Pakistan border, which will be linked to the control room.

Elbit Systems has introduced its foliage penetration radar in June 2016. The FPR-10 is a Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR) providing long-range, accurate, high-resolution detection of vehicles and personnel that are located behind foliage. The FPR-10 is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as foliage interferences and disturbances.

Despite Indian media reports, Elbit Systems has yet to make any comments regarding the delivery of foliage-penetrating radars to India. This would suggest that the deal is only being negotiated at this stage.

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