RAFAEL Reveals MIC4AD System

The MIC4AD Modular Integrated C4I is an advanced unified integrated C4I system that commands and controls the operation of both air and missile defense missions

RAFAEL Reveals MIC4AD System

Photo: Refael

Rafael Advanced Systems revealed its MIC4AD C4I system at the Paris Air Show. MIC4AD provides a total solution for multi-systems, multilayer and multi-range air and missile defense threats. MIC4AD provides effective fire control. Its flexible resource management engine creates an optimized solution to all threats at any level of command (national, regional or tactical). The system is user-friendly and easily operated. It combines automated capabilities and advanced interactive displays.

MIC4AD operational concept takes into account several defense circles. It exploits offline resources (Data Base, Digital Terrain Model, and Intelligence) and real-time data (Radar, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) System or other systems) all connected to the Air Traffic Control Picture and to the Mission Planning system. Together they build the National Air Situation Picture (ASP). MIC4AD powerful correlation engine correlates data from multiple sensors/platforms (radars, data link and electro-optics) and delivers real time, unified, coherent tactical picture. MIC4AD also performs threat assessment and provides hostile target classification, interception plan and effective command of the weapon system launching process.

MIC4AD optimizes resource management and allocates the most appropriate defense system, such as SPYDER, David's Sling, Iron Dome or other customer's operational air defense systems, to the type of threat. MIC4AD is a force-multiplier that offers multi-mission, multi-layer and multi-range C4I capabilities to ensure end-to-end air and missile protection

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