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Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei. Photo: Reuters

How Iran funds Palestinian Islamic Jihad

PIJ is an important part of the Iranian strategy for fighting Israel. The regime in Tehran makes use of charities and other civilian organizations, such as money changers, to transfer funds to its allies in Gaza. Analysis

Donald Trump and Hassan Rouhani. Photo: AP

The Clash Between The US and Iran Goes Beyond Guns and Bombs

All-out warfare would likely be deeply painful for both sides. Therefore, the two will likely choose to largely avoid large-scale military conflicts. Instead, they will to attack each other through cyber warfare, as well as diplomatic and economic means. Analysis

Syrian army. Photo: AP

The Syrian Military Rises from the Ashes

Assad's military underwent a profound upheaval during the years of the civil war, which brought it to the point of almost complete dissolution. However, the increased Russian involvement in the country has contributed greatly to the rehabilitation of the Syrian Armed Forces. All of these developments also include some good news for Israel  

Photo: AP

What Caused the Explosion on the Iranian Tanker

An Iranian merchant ship was damaged last week while sailing off the shore of Saudi Arabia, and since then, an attempt has been made to understand who attacked the ship and how they did it. According to various reports, the ship was attacked by missiles, but photographs of the ship after the attack have suggested some other options. Commentary  

Iran's Ghadr missile (Archive photo: AP)

The Cruise Missile Arsenal of the Middle East

Cruise missiles are no longer the exclusive domain of a handful of global powers. The proliferation of these strategic missiles has expanded to such rogue states as Iran and even to terrorist organizations like Hezbollah. Special review of the cruise missile threat in the Middle East

Sunni Arab States and Israel: Allies?

With Iran and the agreement becoming the common enemy in the Middle East, the Director of Israel’s foreign ministry, Dore Gold, referred to the Sunni Arab states in the region as Israel’s allies

Cyprus and Israel Agree to Closer Ties Regarding Energy

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades agreed to increase their collaboration on both energy and security. The energy relationship has not been fleshed out yet, but the idea of an East Mediterranean pipeline was mentioned as a possibility

US to Sell TOW Missiles to Lebanon

The US State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Lebanon for 1,500 TOW missiles and associated equipment. This proposed sale will help to improve the security of a country that has been and continues to be an important force for political stability and economic progress in the Middle East, the DSCA stated
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