״We Have to Stop This״

On the 5th anniversary of the Second Lebanon War, a minute-by-minute account of the war's break out. Chapter One in Amir Rapaport's Fire on Our Forces: How We Failed Ourselves in the Second Lebanon War — A special IsraelDefense project

Der Spiegel: Syria is Developing Nuclear Arms

Some time ago, Europe and the US have declared that Assad has surrendered his entire chemical arsenal. However, recent satellite images indicate that Assad has not given up his dream of an atomic weapon and has apparently built a new nuclear facility at a secret location

Severe Setbacks to al-Shabaab's Intelligence Service

The surrender of the head of the Amniyat, al Shabaab's intelligence service, and the death of his successor, would be the latest in a series of setbacks for the al-Shabaab militia since the death of its former leader. However, Dr. Shaul Shay believes al-Shabaab is far from being defeated
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