Dan Arkin

UVID Dronetech 2021

Tel Aviv: thousands attend UVID Dronetech 2021 conference

“Unmanned vehicle technologies must be defined as a leading issue in Israel’s national perception,” said conference Chairperson, Alon Unger. Israel currently exports an annual $2 billion’s worth of unmanned vehicles and related products

A picture of Tuesday's launch that was released by North Korea's news agency. Photo via REUTERS

North Korea launches short-range missile towards the sea

It is possible that it was a hypersonic missile. According to reports, it was the third missile launched during a single week, and was apparently intended to gauge the responses in Seoul

Secretary of Defense Austin testifies at the Senate hearing on Tuesday. Photo: REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz

US secretary of defense: We were surprised by rapid collapse of Afghan Army

Senior American defense officials testified before the Senate during a two-day hearing on the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that a reconstituted al-Qaeda with aspirations to attack the U.S. is a very possibility 

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Mohammad Eslami, at the annual conference of the IAEA last week. Photo: Kyodo via REUTERS

Iran prevents UN inspectors from accessing centrifuge production site

The site was hit by a sabotage attack in June. The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran said "Countries that did not condemn terrorist acts against Iran's nuclear site are not qualified to comment on inspections there"