Cmdr. (res.) Eyal Pinko

הכותב הינו סא"ל במיל. דוקטורנט בתחום האסטרטגיה והלוחמה הימית באוניברסיטת חיפה, ועמית מחקר במרכז למדיניות ואסטרטגיה ימית.

The president of Equatorial Guinea during the period in question. Photo: Embassy of Equatorial Guinea, Flickr

Russian couple in Madrid sold Equatorial Guinea about 680 million euros worth of weapons 

The couple operated via a straw company called Blue Horizon whose "offices" were in their apartment. The couple sold arms including missiles, armored vehicles, ships and combat helicopters to Equatorial Guinea. The couple had contacts with arms dealers in the Ukraine who were previously accused of smuggling missiles to Iran 

Egyptian Navy's S44 Type 209 submarine at the naming and launching ceremony (Credit: TKMS)

Egypt receives fourth submarine

The project that started about a decade ago has ended. Egypt has an option of expanding the project and acquiring two additional submarines from Germany